Inquiry Capture

Engaging with potential customers and clients, converting them from visitor to booked appointment or consult, while you get on with what you do best!

What does our Inquiry Capture Solution do?

FirstPoint Connect offers a suite of comprehensive communication solutions tailored to the needs of diverse businesses. Our services are designed to bridge the gap between browsing and booking, increase the likelihood of conversion, and enhance customer experiences.

1. Engagement

Our First Point Of Contact Technology combined with human team, will engage with your visitors across multiple channels.

Our Channels

2. Capture

We engage with your visitors, by providing them with more information about your services, answering any questions they have.

When the visitor is comfortable enough to provide more details, we will capture:

1 - Name

2 - Interest & Inquiry Details

3 - Email Address

4 - Phone Number

5- Message Transcript

with the option of booking an appointment.

3. Outcome

Booked Appointment or Consultation

Our main goal is to get your new visitors converted to new customers or clients.

Support Your Existing Clients

We will get you a message of any conversations we have had with an existing customers or client, looking providing as much support as we can.

Client Details for Your Office to Follow Up

For new visitors that we are unable to setup a consultation with, their details will be sent over to your office to follow up immediately or in the future.

With FirstPoint Connect, you can focus on your core responsibilities, confident in the knowledge that your communication needs are being handled expertly and efficiently. Experience the difference we can make in your organization.

Inquiry Capture Pricing

Below is our base pricing package to suit most organisations


$195.00 USD

Per Month


$20 USD

Per Lead Captured

24/7 Point of Contact (POC) Technology on your website

Unlimited POC Engagement Sessions

Email & SMS Lead Notifications

Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter & Instagram Integration

Full Setup, Installation, On-Boarding including Knowledge Base creation

Engage with all your visitors including your existing customers and clients

Access to All Transcripts & Messages

No Setup Fee, Sales Tax or any other hidden fees.

Monthly Reporting

Add-On: Calendar Integration - $100 per month

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