Who We Serve

At FirstPoint AI, we take immense pride in catering to various sectors with our cutting-edge AI Voice Assistant as the premier point of contact. Tailored to resonate with the specific demands of each industry, our technology guarantees that your clients are met with unparalleled service and support every time.

Healthcare & Medical

For the healthcare industry, our service ensures your patients can instantly find the support they need, in addition to automating patient in-take and post-stay follow ups.


We provide a reliable first point of contact for individuals needing legal assistance. Our service helps ensure that your office stands out from the crowd.

BPO Call Centers & TAS Services

We help augment your team, lower your costs, with on-brand tailored voices to handle basic calls, freeing up your team for more complex calls, and extending your hours to 24/7/365.

Contractors & Home Services

We assist service businesses by providing immediate responses to inquiries, increasing the likelihood of booking new jobs, and nurturing your existing customers.

Wholesale Distribution

We can provide wholesale distributors and product marketers automated methods to handle orders that would normally be taken over the phone.


Our AI can help your insurance office handle both basic and complex calls, helping to free up your team. These can be as simple as handling your reception or as complex as claims intake.

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