Never miss a call with Emma & Alex

Every missed call is potential lost revenue

On average, 6 out of 10 calls made to businesses go unanswered.

One missed call could cost a business thousands of dollars in missed revenue.

Does this happen to your business? Make sure nothing falls through the cracks with Rachael.

Answer every call and capture every inbound lead, 24/7.

Hear Emma & Alex in Action!

Alex & Emma Suit Businesses of Every Scale

From startups to established enterprises, a single overlooked call might equate to significant lost revenue.

Be it 20 or 2,000 calls weekly, with Emma or Alex on board, the fear of missing a vital sales lead or potential business is a thing of the past.

Round-the-Clock Assistance with Emma & Alex

Offer extended support hours beyond the traditional workday without adding to your payroll.

Offer consistent customer support, filter potential clients, and address routine questions, all while you recharge.

Ensure contented customers and reclaim personal moments for relaxation.

AI-Driven Appointment Scheduling

Seize every chance to engage with prospective clients. Alex ensure no call goes unanswered, securing appointments instantly.

If you utilize tools like Calendly or Google Calendar, it's even more streamlined. Alex reviews your upcoming slots and proposes them to callers immediately.

The Game-Changing Human Bolt-On

Sometimes your callers will need the human touch, this is where our game-changing bolt-on comes into play.

At certain points through the caller's AI journey, if they need human support, they can request it (if activated)

This allows one of our live receptionists, to pickup the call, and continue from where the AI has left off, to give that human support.

Add humans to your AI from as little as $195 per month

Emma & Alex answers every call, every time

Easy to use and fast to deploy, Emma and Alex are built for businesses of all sizes. Level up your inbound call handling capabilities with Rachael today.

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Emma from as low as $95 per month & Alex from $175 per month

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