ChatGPT-powered voice AI turns your FAQs into a growth tool

Rachael, the ultimate voice AI receptionist designed to handle FAQs over the phone

Merging the capabilities of FirstPoint's voice AI with ChatGPT, we present a state-of-the-art AI representative ready to address business-centric questions around the clock.

Meet Rachael, the AI expert equipped to handle inquiries from both your clientele and staff. Rachael can become operational in under a day, freeing your team to concentrate on tasks that boost revenue.

Hear our ChatGPT Enabled Voice AI in Action!

Comprehensive Responses Anytime

Round-the-clock, Rachael, our AI representative, handles common queries over the phone, allowing your personnel to address intricate issues.

Let Alex enhance your team's efficiency, positively affecting your revenue stream.

Suit Businesses of Every Scale

From startups to established enterprises, a single overlooked call might equate to significant lost revenue.

Be it 100 or 5,000 calls weekly, with Rachael on board, the fear of missing a vital sales lead or potential business is a thing of the past.

AI-Driven Appointment Scheduling

Seize every chance to engage with prospective clients. Rachael ensure no call goes unanswered, securing appointments instantly.

If you utilize tools like Calendly or Google Calendar, it's even more streamlined. Rachael reviews your upcoming slots and proposes them to callers immediately.

Support Both Externally & Internally

Rachael seamlessly addresses questions from your in-house teams or external clientele.

By offering prompt responses, she eradicates prolonged waits, ensuring heightened customer contentment.

Set Up in A Day

With a swift deployment process, Rachael becomes operational in under a day.

Once integrated with your knowledge resources, FAQs, or website content.

She stands ready to back your team by the subsequent day.

Cost-Effective Enhancement

Looking for ways to cut down operational expenses?

We present an economical solution to refine the customer journey.

By automating routine query resolution and broadening service scope, Rachael sidesteps the recruitment hurdle, aiding business growth.

The Game-Changing Human Bolt-On

Sometimes your callers will need the human touch, this is where our game-changing bolt-on comes into play.

At certain points through the caller's AI journey, if they need human support, they can request it (if activated)

This allows one of our live receptionists, to pickup the call, and continue from where the AI has left off, to give that human support.

Add humans to your AI from as little as $195 per month

Consistent, Prompt Reception & FAQ Solutions

Designed for enterprises of every scale, Rachael is both user-friendly and rapid to implement. Elevate your call response quality with Rachael's expertise.

Get started with Rachael

from as low as $895 per month

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